Following the successful reception of Super War Crime, our Galway Game Jam 6 project, we decided to expand the game into a wider mini-game game, such as Wario Ware.
My personal involvement in the project was:
Design and full implementation of each game mode from start to finish
Coding the controls, unique to each game mode, including UI interactions
Exhibiting the work at Dublin Comic Con and assembling player feedback for further improvements

Tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Git, Bitbucket
The original theme for the jam was 'Conflict', and we tried to keep that as a core tenet in the design. Each of the mini-games was based on a historical conflict, but we also allowed both players a hand on the main menu, and needed an option selected on one side with a confirmation on the other. This resulted in a great number of laughs from players winding each other up on the menu before the game even started.
We took this game to the Dublin Comic Con and exhibited it in the Indie Game section, and found a surprising audience in young (8-12) players, who enjoyed the multiplayer elements and the fast paced gameplay, even if they did not appreciate the historical humour.
Unfortunately, the project did not reach completion due to the departure of the artist who, as you can see, did some excellent and unique work for the game.
And yes, the Emu War was a real thing.
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