Lloyd Curtis 
Gameplay Programmer/Game Developer

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio.
I am Lloyd Curtis, an independent Games Developer currently based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. I graduated with a 2:1 Hons BSc Games Design from the University of Bolton in 2010, and have since worked on a number of projects, some professionally, mostly for pleasure.
My best achievement to date was to have a game I designed and programmed for a game jam, "Super War Crime", featured in an article on Rock Paper Shotgun, after it was found on our Itch.io (with no soliciting from us).
I've worked almost exclusively with Unity and C#, but have recently began branching out into other languages/tools. I've also worked in the industry in a QA position, working on a number of games for PlayStation Vita, PS4 and Steam.
Most of the time I'm at my day job (currently an Accounts Receivable Analyst). I'm a big RPG fan both in games or on tabletop, such as Mordheim, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play etc. I wouldn't say there's a genre of game I don't like, and my play time is strung across all sorts. A few evenings a week, I also stream Final Fantasy XIV and Magic: The Gathering on Twitch.
It's nice to meet you.